Donna Brown Artist
Painter, contemporary style- acrylic, oil, cold wax, mixed media.
Still life, abstracts, landscapes, trees, portraits.
Sassy Tree Studios, Desert Lake, Ontario

Artist Statement

Donna Brown has painted since the 1970s but began her full time career over 20 years ago when she moved to Kingston. Contemporary portraits and oil paints were her favourites. Then for many years she used acrylic paint, enjoying the product for its speed of drying and flexibility for changes.  Oil paint and cold wax became the next favourite. She is now experimenting with painting on gold leaf paper, focusing now on trees and abstracts.

She finds the variety of artist materials and infinite ways to use them fascinating, which keeps the creative process challenging and interesting. 

Donna believes that painting often expresses that which cannot be conveyed through words. She hopes to communicate and share her vision and passion with the viewer.